Network of volunteers to support women who suffer gender violence

From Hèlia association, we are creating a network of women’s groups of districts to support women going through a situation of violence, to eliminate this phenomenon in our society and declare free of gender violence our neighborhoods, cities, and regions.
You can join our groups of volunteers that support women in recovery of male violence within the project Veïnes X Veïnes.

There are other ways to participate in the organization providing the knowledge of each of u like consultants profile, accountants, communication skills…

Moreover you can contribute through the collaborating partner profile or as a economic contributor.

If you want to contribute to make an equal society, if you want to make women’s rights real, if you want to eliminate the sexism and to eradicate violence against women, contact us!

Financial support

You can financially contribute to help us to continue providing comprehensive specialized and free assistance, to all women who need it.

If you wish, you can make a solidarity contribution to the account number of the organization:

ES89 2100 0989 8902 0011 6886

Any support is welcome.

Thank you so much!