This project arises from the real need of society to carry out an early intervention of sexist violence, and therefore a prevention in the educational field.

Education is a process of conformation of attitudes and values, therefore, understanding that our society is based on sexist attitudes and values ​​produced by the patriarchal social structure, we need a direct intervention to fight against the sexism prevailing in the construction of the gender identity, to combat the stereotypes, roles and prejudices that society promotes towards the masculine and feminine gender, which causes an inequality between men and women in society and this inequality sustains violence against women.

This project is very innovative, since it raises the simultaneous and coordinated intervention of both the girls and boys students of the school, as of the primary educational agents (families) and of the secondary educational agents (teaching team and team of dining instructors) . The fact of promoting prevention at all these educational levels, allows to reinforce the intervention, to set in motion an engine of change of the patriarchal educational model prevailing in society, and to engage social and educational agents for the fight against gender inequalities, and for social cohesion in favor of non-discrimination.

Funder: Barcelona City Council