The Cycle Training in Gender Violence 2018 (#CicleFormatiuVM2018) aims to promote Education for an inclusive, equal and non-discriminatory Barcelona in the field of sexist violence through the development of actions and educational projects that reduce inequalities and improve social cohesion. It is from the knowledge and the inclusive learning from where we can initiate a change of social paradigm.

We consider fundamental awareness of essential social agents (families, professionals, volunteers, leisure entities in contact with children and young people, diverse collectives and citizens) to fight against the scourge of sexist violence, key elements of prevention, detection and intervention.

It is with this desire that we offer monthly workshops given by network professionals and specialized entities in sexist violence, and which we broadcast every month on our social networks, via mailing, and through the newsletters of CIRD, ICD and Plataforma Unitària contra les violències de gènere.

Funder: Barcelona City Council