Project of diverse women, survivors of diverse gender violences. Because gender violences born by a patriarcal system, racist, classist, capacitist and LGTBIfobic that crosses us of different shapes and in multiple fields and that violate our human rights all over the world.

In this second exhibition, that is born of the itinerant exhibition “Surviving Women”, want to expand and show gender violences that suffer women by our couple, our son, a brother and an uncle, our friendships, of unknown people, of our teacher of the faculty, of our hierarchical head at work, of a criminal network, even of the own system that ensures our protection and justice.

Grateful about the collaboration, generosity and the prowess of each woman that has decided to share her testimony, her experiences and emotions. Because sorority and the feminist fight will give us back our freedom. Because our life!

Funder: Barcelona City Council and Caixabank