Hèlia Association is mainly formed by a professionals’ team and volunteers who accumulate their own backgrounds due to enrich the diversity of the group. Hèlia collects disciplines such as psychology, social education, pedagogy, sociology and law. We do create synergies from diversity in the field of gender violence and we believe and act as of common values in feminist activism and social movements.
As long as we use a horizontal and collaborative model, we encourage all voices have a place in Hèlia. This incorporates a powerful meaning to the collective value.

Montserrat Vilà Planas  Coordinator

She holds a degree in Business Administration (UOC). Hèlia’s founder (2008), she has dedicated to social activism. Since the Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing 1995, she’s fighting for women’s rights in the Associació de Veïns i Veïnes de Sagrada Família. In 2002 she promoted and presided at the Unitary Platform against gender violence. She fosters freedom’s value and she’s completely committed to transform the patriarchal society in a fair and caring new one, where male domination of females has no place.

Carla Rigol Martorell  Women’s psychologist

She studied Psychology and Criminology and afterwards, she specialized in gender violence through some postgraduate courses. Nowadays, she works as a psychologist in Hèlia association as well as a workshop facilitator and volunteers’ coordinator.
She defines herself as a feminist activist and provides the organization of a great organizational skill. She defenses women’s power and resilience pursuing empowerment in each of her individual and collective actions.

Violeta Moreno Gámiz  Women’s psychologist

She studied Psychology and Criminology, then specialized in the legal field. She began her career as a volunteer project Veïnes x Veïnes in Hèlia. Currently she organizes the volunteer’s team in addition to offer psychological support to women’s.
She is committed to the fight against prevailing heteropatriarchal system through education. For example, she offers gender equality and feminist workshops in different educational and social centers.

Elisa Covelo O’Neill  International Cooperation

She studied Psychology and Masters in Gender and Development as well as some post-graduate courses in Culture of Peace and Mental Health in Situations of Political Violence. She’s working in the social sector for ten years now, at the same time she is participating in social movements for a feminist social transformation, currently she is Hèlia’s cooperation area responsible.


Hèlia’s volunteers group is a cornerstone in our team. Hèlia’s volunteers are plural and diverse people with knowledge and experience enriches the group giving it a value of communal wealth. The synergies created in addition to the strength make this group one of the essential motors of the organization for citizen involvement in the fight for the women’s right to live with no gender violence.