Comprehensive care for women affected by sexist violence against women

We fight against violence against women from a feminist perspective, supporting women in their processes of recovery and empowerment, offering them specialised and attentive care.

This support seeks individual and collective empowerment, addressing the needs of each woman and each specific situation.

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Initial reception

In the first session we offer reception, listening and support. We explore the violence suffered, the risk and the particular needs of the victim, while providing information, attention and advice for the most appropriate services and resources in each situation.

Psychological assistance

We know that the effects of violence are different for every woman and can consist of feelings of guilt, fear, sadness, low self-esteem, symptoms of anxiety and depression, disorders in living habits, eating disorders, isolation and other problems.

These emotional consequences often require an individualised space so they can be transformed. To this end, we offer individualised psychological care to support women in regaining their power and well-being.

Legal advice

Repairing damage necessarily involves recovering the rights that have been violated. In this sense, we offer legal advice on criminal, civil and family proceedings that may arise from situations of sexist violence against women.

In certain cases, we deem it necessary to cover legal representation, such as when the woman or her children are in a special situation of risk, vulnerability and complexity.


Community support

We know that surviving violence is very hard and that women are often left alone in the process. For this reason, we have a team of volunteers trained in and aware of issues affecting sexist violence against women who offer support to women who need it when carrying out procedures related to the recovery process.

We accompany these women to the courts, on visits with lawyers, when filing complaints, to healthcare centres, to social services and to wherever necessary to repair the harm suffered through our feminist network of volunteers and mutual support called Veïnes per Veïnes Women Neighbours for Women Neighbours.

Group activities: leisure, culture, growth

Violence against women creates isolation, so full recovery requires weaving alliances between women based on mutual support.

To this end, we promote safe spaces for women to rebuild bonds of trust by participating in workshops that bring together local women and survivors, fostering a shared space of cohesion, solidarity and strength:

  • Yoga Workshop for Women and Teens
  • Photography Workshop
  • Feminist Self-Defence Workshop
  • Integrative Body Therapy Workshop

Leisure and cultural activities

We take advantage of the restorative experience provided by culture to promote women’s gatherings in leisure activities and cultural facilities such as theatres and museums to enjoy shows and tours that often resignify and dignify processes of recovery and empowerment

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