Hèlia provides a comprehensive and personalized attention to women who are experiencing or have experienced gender violence situations.

Our program includes different phases and different types of care according to need and demand for each woman:


Firstly, we’ll receive, listen and help you identify the experienced situation. Jointly we evaluate the current risk moreover we’ll give you the information, advice services and resources you have available, adapting our support to your specific needs and demands.


We know that the way to deal with sexist attacks and leave the violence is very hard, but you won’t do it alone! We offer emotional support, but also face the way out of the circle of violence. We’ll go with you to the courts, medical and social services, all the necessary steps to repair the consequences of the violence that you have suffered.


On a personal level, it is important to develop the appropriate tools to empower yourself as a self-protection mechanism.
At the legal level, we do provide legal advice and quality that guarantees you to have all the information about your rights, both in criminal proceedings like possible complaints, as in civil or family proceedings about divorces, custody and other legal situations that may arise from violence situations.


Psychological specialized intervention
This intervention is created from a feminist approach and based on survivor therapy. The cornerstones are the identification of the lived violence, feelings of guilt and the responsibility in front of the situations, the recovery of self-esteem and provide them of self-protection tools. Also increasing women self-esteem and their own abilities, reduce levels of anxiety and depression as well as other possible consequences resulting from a traumatic event. In short, we offer counseling to the “victim to survivor” process and regain control of their own lives free of violence.

Group outgoings and recreational and therapeutic activities
We provide a space for dialogue to share experiences with other women who have gone through different situations of gender violence in order to combat social isolation. We offer the opportunity to take part in many excursions, meetings to enjoy nature, to go to the theater … Activities of women for women, do you have any proposition?

We are listening to you!!


Do you need more information about our program?

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* Our attention is not urgent or 24h. In case of urgent need, call the permanent service 900,900,120 against gender violence. It is free and confidential and it works all year round, 24 hours per day.
If you are in need of welcome, we recommend SARA’s service (93 291 59 10, c/Marie Curie 16, Barcelona)  and outside normal schedule, CUESB (900 70 30 30, C / Llacuna 25, Barcelona).