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Hèlia needs your help. We support women in situations of sexist violence against women. We need to help each other.

We hope that everyone who is willing will contribute their bit. Hèlia is a non-profit organisation that relies on your personal effort and financial donations, as well as projects that partially receive public funds.

Every little bit helps!

Your support for Hèlia is a commitment that allows us to continue to fight for women’s rights and against sexist violence against women, here and around the world. Your collaboration will help to build this great movement for social transformation and gender justice, focused on prevention and awareness as well as comprehensive assistance for women. Your contribution makes Hèlia stronger and is part of feminism’s daily struggle for the liberation of half of humanity, which will usher in a fairer, more careful and happier world intertwined with nature.

In addition, your financial contribution will yield tax benefits that will allow you to deduct donations from your income tax return or corporation tax obligation (more information here) .

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