The project pretends to improve living conditions of women in vulnerable situations.

On one hand, the main objective of this project is to support women who live or have lived gender violence processes. These women, whom have managed to get away from the assailant and the suffering conditions, need to find a place to recover from the suffered pain.To achieve this, it is essential to link them to a Therapeutic Group place where they can express and share painful experiences putting the recovery focus on the strength of the sorority in women’s groups.A place where the empowerment of gender violence survivors lies in nurturing a social network as well as mutual understanding and creating support forces for recovering or building a safe, respectful and caring environment as the base of their new life project.

On the other hand, considering the heavy consequences of receiving a formal and non- formal education based mainly on the differences between men and women, it is necessary to create a space for women designed to analyze how gender roles affect us, what implications these roles have in our daily life, and where all together can think how to deconstruct negative stereotypes associated with female gender.In other words, this is about providing women of a group space personal growth whose purpose is to empower them through the promotion of the autonomy of life, self-care and personal welfare.

Funder: Barcelona City Council