AIDA (Comprehensive Approach for Women and Empowerment) is a practical resource for accompanying and supporting women in any situation of sexist violence with the aim of achieving full empowerment through the comprehensive approach. We understand the sexist violence, as mandated by Law 5/2008 of April 24, on the right of women to eradicate sexist violence, such as the manifestation of discrimination and the situation of inequality within the framework of a system of Relationship of power of men over women and that attacks, in a structural way, from the spheres of the couple, family, work and community in multiple ways (psychological, physical, sexual and economic). We understand that this violence of social and cultural type impacts the diversity of women, solely because they are women, here and there, and that, besides, it is aggravated by each of the different axes of intersection of each woman, either for reasons of origin, functional diversity, poverty, …

We seek to respond through this project through this transversality of the gender perspective and contemplating the diversity of women and detecting and taking into account the different forms of violence that go through them. We seek, thus, to achieve the full empowerment of women in any process of sexist violence through the integral approach.

We vertebrate the project from a gender and community perspective, where social agents can unite efforts through networking to optimize the resources of the public circuit and the third sector, responding to the needs of women to achieve that the degree of self- Impact against this snails is even greater.

We welcome women and value their needs and the risk in which they find themselves and their children as well as the referral to other services and resources when it becomes appropriate. We offer specialized individual accompaniment, be it at the psychological and legal level adapted to the needs.

This project is complementary to other social care projects of the entity itself, in which we promote psychosocial recovery through the promotion of the support network and the sorority offered by women’s groups. We accommodate a space of solidarity where the empowerment of the survivors of sexist violence that is born from nurturing a social network of women based on understanding, respect and mutual support in a secure environment and seeking the recovery of the control of one’s life.

Also, thanks to another complementary project, we cover the need for specialized community support for women who have suffered sexist violence thanks to the community’s complicity as an innovative experience and methodology.

Funder: Barcelona City Council, Catalan Women’s Institute, Government of Catalonia and Obra Social de La Caixa