We must all work together to eradicate sexist violence and guarantee the sexual and reproductive rights of women in the West Bank (HWC – ACCD)


The project is shaped as an exchange between Catalan professionals and Palestinian professionals in the field of alternative therapies, to promote an intervention model that integrates conventional and alternative disciplines in order to facilitate tools for the global approach at the time to work with women victims of gender violence.

The project responds to an explicit demand from the group of Palestinian professionals that work in reception centers, with which a prior contact was made, during the previous projects of the entity in the territory.

This exchange will be articulated through professional training in technical competencies for the integrated approach to care services for women victims of gender violence and a series of workshops given by professional women in alternative therapies from both territories.

The project was developed in the West Bank, given the high difficulty of mobility of Palestinian professionals. The second part of the project is the active participation of Palestinian professionals, in various activities carried out in Catalonia, such as the European Forum against gender violence.

The entire project is included in the process of monitoring and supporting the assimilation of the changes produced by the implementation of the UN Women’s Strategic Plan against gender violence and the new civil code in the West Bank.