BCN Women

2012 - Present

The aim of this project is to encourage women to enjoy and strengthen the social and support network through leisure and culture.

We encourage women in the community to participate through recreational spaces in the neighbourhood to provide a safe space. We organise workshops that bring together women neighbours and survivors, promoting a shared space of cohesion, solidarity and strength in the Casal de Barri Espai210. These key workshops on collective empowerment are: Yoga for Women and Teens, Photography, Feminist Self-Defence and Integrative Body Therapy.

We also achieve recovery through women’s alliances, promoting their participation in cultural activities and initiatives in the city of Barcelona. We organise recreational and therapeutic meetings, enjoying theatres, concerts and museums. These activities focus on repairing damage from a socio-community perspective and on supporting each other through culture and the arts. This opportunity is made possible thanks to our partnership withApropacultura.

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