For eight months he worked with a group of 16 youths, eight Spanish and eight Austrian girls, with the goal of raising awareness of the causes of violence against women and to let them know all the available resources in their respective countries to combat such discrimination. During this project we have discovered what they have in common and how our cultures change current roles as new generations eradicate violence against women. Two groups in their respective countries have deeply studied how is gender violence affecting, especially in their student fields, what are its causes and where it begins. They have done several reports of measures and laws in each country. To top it all off, they have progressed in the way of finding solutions in their study centers as active agents against gender violence.
The exchange of experiences in the VII International Forum against Gender Violence took place during the week of November 13 to 20. The two groups above mentioned have met in various meetings, workshops, with more girls and boys of the respective institutes and centers of the Barcelona group, and they draw conclusions as to raise awareness and prevent violence among youth.


  • To promote awareness and active non-violence by European young citizens.
  • To enhance the training on equality and non-gender violence, and to promote solidarity and tolerance among European young people..
  • To favor mutual understanding through teamwork.
  • To contribute to better relations between men and women with respect, equality and the right of women to live with dignity with no violence, by forming active agents against violence in their education centers.
  • Encouraging cooperation in Europe through an innovative project on a phenomenon that affects a large part of humanity.


Helia is the focal point of WAVE (Network against Gender Violence Europe), with these colleagues from Austria, we organized the exchange, enabling a group of eleven youths from Vienna to participate in this project.
Before this action and before meeting in November, both groups worked in his country and developed several presentations and a video in relation to Break Myths – we are all equal.
The methodology used was teamwork, evaluating the acquisition of knowledge at every stage during the eight months of the project.
The exchange has been possible thanks to the contribution of the Youth in Action of: 6.507 €.


The participants have achieved a great understanding of the subject. This understanding has allowed them to draw conclusions to be applied in their day to day with their peers.
The exchange has enriched these youths to know what happens in the rest of Europe and have been discussed with young people as them, how to become an active agents against violence.

Based on this experience from Hèlia Association, the WAVE Association has joined the platform unit against gender violence are committed, have already started three pilot schools to provide training material elements and coordination with various institutions, to promote the creation of a “network of young people stop violence” in order to be leaders in solving cases of abusive and/or harassment relationships, promoting actions of non-violence and awareness of their classmates.

Funder: Spanish National Agency of the Youth in Action Program