Attention to chronic diseases for the prevention of sexist violence (2016-2020)

We believe that the right to healthcare is more complicated for Palestinian women and girls due to violence. The project reinforces the HWC Patient Care Program with chronic illnesses, bringing medical attention to the population that has a difficult access (especially women and girls) and training the medical personnel in gender to ensure that Health interventions work as a tool for detecting and preventing sexist and reproductive health and sexist violence. The creation of groups of women is intended to generate a space of confidence in which to share their anxieties and concerns.

The project began in 2016, two editions have been carried out:

2016: “Improve access to the health of women with chronic diseases and their right to live lives without violence in Belén and Ramallah”

2017: “Improve access to women’s health with chronic diseases and promote prevention among the population to strengthen their right to live lives without violence.”

2019 “Improve the right access to health and gender equality of women in the West Bank”


Conterparty: Health Work Comittees

Grouped: CAPS

Funder: Justicia Global, City Council of Barcelona