Empowerment of women victims of the armed conflict around the Victims Law, Land Restitution Law and processes of recovery of historical memory in the Magdalena Medio region, Colombia (2011)

Project in collaboration with Maloka Colombia, the World March of Women and Plataforma unitaria contra les violències de gènere. The project aims to empower women victims of the armed conflict in 4 municipalities of the Magdalena Medio region, so that at local and regional level greater social and political capacity can be reached around the Victims Law and the Restitution Law de Terres, as well as greater capacity for leadership in the development of processes of reconstruction of the historical memory. It is a matter of guaranteeing its visibility, recognition and dignification as victims, at a time that is especially strategic insofar as the current Colombian government generates a legislative framework that places the center of public policy on the rights of the victims. 200 women from the 15 organizations that make up the Magdalena Medio network of the Social Movement of Women Against War and Peace, created by the Popular Women’s Organization, will be beneficiaries of the project.

Counterpart: Popular Women’s Organization of Colombia

Funder: Barcelona Solidària, Barcelona City Council