The Training Cycle in 2020 sexist violence (# CicleFormatiuVM2020) aims to promote awareness among citizens and training professionals and volunteering in direct contact with women who are suffering from sexist violence or are susceptible to being. This cycle that consists of a set of 10 specialist workshops (one monthly) in the field of sexist violence aims to knit alliances between services and entities that provide care for women and provide strategies for better detection and attention in sexist violence.

However, we understand that it is a matter of responsibility that professionals in the network are trained and trained to improve the integral care of women as well as the volunteer’s own organization that carries out accompaniments to women victims of sexist violence.

Through the promotion of collaboration and coordination between the network of services and social entities, and through its active participation in our training cycle, we aim to improve educational success from a social, cultural point of view, inclusive and intergenerational, promoting networking and free and shared spaces and promoting a specialized community-based offer, as a recognized right for professionals and for all citizens.

It is with this desire that we offer monthly workshops given by network professionals and specialized entities in sexist violence, and which we broadcast every month on our social networks (Fb, Tw i Ig), via mailing, and through the newsletters of CIRD, ICD and Plataforma Unitària contra les violències de gènere.

Funder: Pacto de Estado, Generalitat de Catalunya and Barcelona Council