Economic empowerment as a resilience against sexist violence (2014-2020)

The context of conflict in the West Bank is a violation of the human rights of the Palestinian population, especially affecting women who live in double oppression: employment and patriarchy. In view of this problem, the project is presented with the aim of reducing the physical, psychological, economic and labor violations of Palestinian women in the West Bank. The project focuses on the professional training of women in Nablus, training in human rights, labor rights and women’s rights of the participants, as well as awareness and incidence in the West Bank.

The project began in 2014 and three editions have been carried out, the latest of which is currently underway:

2014: “Support for entrepreneurship for women in Nablus for their empowerment and action for a life free of violence.” Counterpart Family Defense Society grouping with the Platform Against Gender Violence and the Visual Health Observatory.

2015: “Entrepreneurship as a resilience tool against the mourning caused by the Israeli occupation of Palestinian women.” Counterparts Women’s Studies Center and Family Defense Society.

2016: “Improve the prevention and response to the sexist violence that Palestinian women live in Nablus promoting entrepreneurial empowerment.” Counterpart Family Defense Society.

2017: “Improve the prevention and response to the sexist violence that Palestinian women live in Nablus.” Counterpart Family Defense Society in association with the Institute of Inequalities.

2018 (in execution): “Improve the opportunities for life and employment of women with university and higher education, increasing their participation in the labor market with the collaboration of the Municipality of Nablus and the local network of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and Community based organizations (CBO’s).” Counterpart Women’s Studies Center grouped Institute of Inequalities.

2019: “Improving the economic autonomy of Palestinian women, defending their rights.” Funder: Global Justice, Barcelona City Council.

2019: “Improve the quality of life of Nablus women by expanding employment and participation opportunities”. Grouped: Institute of Inequalities. Funder: Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament, Generalitat de Catalunya.