Període: 2016-Present

Enxarxa’t is a project that aims to strengthen the social base of the association to eradicate sexist violence against women through community empowerment and social cohesion, considering it an essential basis for involvement and social support for partners, volunteers and collaborators. We think it is essential to reveal the values of associations and volunteering, which serve as a backbone characterising our association while enhancing knowledge of the fight against gender inequalities.

Through this project, we seek both to nurture ourselves and enrich the circuit network through face-to-face, digital and web channels.

We also actively seek to encourage collaboration with local associations, services and participatory networks to promote networking towards the eradication of sexist violence against women. We establish bridges with the organisations, with the services and resources of the network, as well as with policy advocacy networks as they are the Commission of Feminisms and Social Change of Sagrada Família, the Council of Women of the Eixample, the Council of Women of Barcelona and the Women’s Council of Catalonia. Also and at the European level, we are part of WAVE. At the level of feminist organisations, we are also part of the Unitary Platform against Gender Violence.

Enxarxa’t also aims to promote the democratic and social strengthening of our association, as well as greater transparency, by complying with the Code of Ethics of Barcelona’s associations.

We think that it is key through this project to stimulate volunteers’ participation and training, improve internal communication channels and participatory spaces, sharpen the association’s tools of transparency to build relations of trust within the association and strengthen the social and associative fabric as an element of social and community cohesion by fomenting and facilitating volunteer activity providing service to the city.

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