Enxarxa’t is a project that aims to strengthen the social base of the entity to eradicate sexist violence through the empowerment of the community and social cohesion, considering as an essential basis for involvement and social support for associated, voluntary, and collaborators. We believe it is essential to present the values ​​of associationism and volunteering, the backbones that characterize our association, while promoting the knowledge of the fight against gender inequalities.

Thanks to the project, we seek to nurture ourselves and enrich the network of the circuit through the traditional faceways and also digital networks such as our updated website (www.heliadones.org), Facebook (Hèlia Dones), Instagram (heliadones), Twitter (@heliadones), Skype (Helia.dones), Whatsapp (654 850 527) and a specialized training Dropbox. 

Likewise, we are actively seeking to foster collaboration with associations, services and participatory networks of territory to promote networking towards the eradication of sexist violence. We consolidate networks with entities, with public services, and with political groups such as the Sagrada Familia Women’s Commission, the Eixample Women’s Council, the Barcelona Women’s Council and the Council of Women of Catalonia. Also, at the European level, we are part of WAVE. Also, we are part of the United Platform against gender violence.

Enxarxa’t is also a project that aims to strengthen the democratic, social and transparency of our association by complying with the Code of Ethics of Barcelona associations which becomes an instrument of advice, conduct and self-regulation for us to work respecting the civic and legal values ​​of the entity itself.

We take strength with the third and fourth premise of the Code of Ethics of the associations of Barcelona that contemplates the “Promotion of the internal participation” and “The confidence, base of the relation between the members of the association and of the democratic operation” and we validate that the strength of our organization lies in the members of the association (professionals, volunteers, associates and collaborators).

For this reason we consider that it becomes key through this project, to stimulate the participation and the formation to the volunteering, to reinforce the democratic strengthening of the association through the improvement of internal communication channels and participatory spaces, to improve the tools for the transparency of the management of the association to foster relationships of trust within the association and strengthen the social and associative fabric (associates, volunteers, entities and collaborators) as an element of social and community promotion and facilitating voluntary city service actions.

Funder: Barcelona City Council and Generalitat de Catalunya