“Identity details. Women portraits” is an itinerant exhibition produced by the Eixample District, the result of a project of the Joan Miró Foundation with Hèlia Dones, designed and carried out by CLICme. It is the result of a process of introspection and learning, and photography is the tool to show what they want of their reality.

Identity marks Portraits of women is the starting point for the discovery of life story and the artistic career of Lee Miller, whose photographs can be seen at the Lee Miller exhibition and surrealism in Great Britain.

Do you want to know how the women experienced that process?

You can read his article published on the January 2019 blog of the Miró Foundation here!

Project led by the Joan Miró Foundation
Project conceived and carried out by CLICme
With the participation of Helia Mujeres
With the collaboration of Fujifilm Instax Es and Wonderphotoshop.es
With the support of Casanova Foto Barcelona

Thanks to the support of the Eixample district, you can also enjoy the exhibition in the following facilities in 2020-2021!



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