Exhibition by diverse women, survivors of various sexist violence. Because sexist violence is born of a patriarchal, racist, classist, capacitive and LGTBIphobic system that runs through us in different ways and in multiple spheres and that violates our most fundamental human rights here and everywhere.

“Women’s Resistance in Catalonia and Palestine” was born from the exhibition “Surviving Women”, and broadens the perspective of sexist violence that can be caused by our partner, family, friends, the faculty member, the hierarchical work, a legal system that ensures us protection and justice or even systematically by the state itself. However, we want to raise awareness about the global scope of these structural violence, the specific manifestations suffered by women in the context of occupation in Palestine and also the potential of mutual support among women for resistance, recovery and empowerment.

Thus, “Women’s Resistance in Catalonia and Palestine” collects real testimonies of surviving women through symbolic photographs and personal stories, linked to our organization in Catalonia and the organization Family Defense Society in Palestine, through its shelter for women in the city of Nablus, Palestine.

We are grateful for the collaboration, generosity and courage of every woman who has decided to break the silence and collectivize her struggle.

Funder: Barcelona City Council and Caixabank