Exhibition “Women Survivors”



Exhibition “Women Survivors”

This exhibition is the result of a project by women and for women, conceived and matured by resilient women who are no longer victims, empowered women who have decided to break the silence, women survivors of relationships of sexist violence. This exhibition includes a collection of elements that allow these women to express themselves freely in the world around them.

It is the result of the participation of 12 very diverse women, all survivors of sexist violence, who offer symbolic photographs of their strength and resilience accompanied by personal writings in which they express tools and stories of recovery and overcoming.

We truly thank each woman for her cooperation, tenderness, strength and courage. The desire to make their personal struggles visible and to share them, the feeling of solidarity and the desire to continue fighting so that no more women have to go through this process are what have made this project possible.

We conceive this exhibition with three essential objectives:

–Empowered women will raise their voices, break the silence and show their empowerment process

–Potential victims will be reflected in some of the story or stories and will be impacted enough to get out of the destructive process of violence

–Public awareness of this scourge will be raised to break down preconceived stereotypes and to change the view from victims to survivors

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