Entrepreneurship as a tool of relicience to the Palestinian women grief caused by the israeli occupation


The project focuses on the awareness-raising activities of the associations Helia and Pau Sempre (the Palestinian Community in Catalonia and the Young People’s Association of Catalonia collaborate) with the material and the participants in the field of reconstruction of houses in the West Bank as well as the Delegation of women. Although two different axes work on the ground, the reconstruction of houses and the double oppression of women, when we work to raise awareness in Catalonia and Barcelona, ​​we understand that both perspectives are part of the same message, which is the to inform the population and the young people in particular of the situation that is being lived in Palestine and the human rights violations that are violated there, that is why we decide to carry out this awareness project together to incorporate all the perspectives to the time to transmit the values ​​of equality, peace and defense of human rights.

This awareness is made with the collaboration of members of the Palestinian Community, with the collaboration at the neighborhood level of those organizations that are present daily and in the institutes and universities with the collaboration of associations of students such as the AJEC The objective of the project is to raise awareness about the situation in Palestine and Israel where HRHs are systematically violated.

In this sense, we emphasize the situation of vulnerability in which half of the population are found to be women, and that too often in countries in conflict their rights being relegated to the background. We also highlight in our awareness all that we can learn from Palestinian women in the change of mentality and culture necessary to eradicate sexist violence in the society we live in.

Funder: Barcelona Solidària (Education for Development), Barcelona City Council