We understand that in order to provide an integral response to women in situations of violence, it is necessary to provide information, care and specialized legal defense in all legal procedures linked to and / or derived from sexist violence. It is essential for women to have qualified and trusted legal assistance throughout the process, to defend their interests from a gender perspective and in a global and coordinated way, that is to say, represent it in all judicial procedures – that Sometimes they are numerous because of the complexity of violence – in which women are immersed and also in civil proceedings in which many cases derive from mistrust in legal operators. Free justice can not always cover the needs of women, from the point of view of coordination, integrity and specialty.

This project is carried out in order to offer this subsidized legal service to the women we serve and who are in a situation of special risk for their lives or those of their children due to a situation of greater vulnerability ( functional diversity, irregular situation, age …), who are in a situation of economic and / or work precariousness and who can not often afford the cost of specialized care and who constantly find that they are not guaranteed from office time.

However, we offer psychological, social and community support to achieve the process of comprehensive recovery.

Funder: Barcelona City Council