We started a new photographic project with CLICme and a group of 15-20 women users of the organization, who over several sessions worked with photography as an expressive medium, as language, as a transmitter of ideas, words and sensations. During this project, women will enjoy various exhibitions (‘Daido Moriyama. A Diary’ en Foto Colectania & “Dones del món” al Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona) and will create personal photo books. The will of the project is to approach the photographic and narrative language through learning and the gaze of other photographers. It is essential to work on one’s own gaze in order to approach the construction of a personal discourse with photography.

This project has undoubtedly strengthened women’s confidence and increased self-esteem through creative practice with photographs; preserving and reinforcing personal identity through photographic discourse, giving voice to each of them through their photographic work; enhance teamwork and thus create bonds and networks between women; to become autonomous observers of their reality, to contrast and transmit it, with knowledge and critical sense; accompanying them to discover and delve deeper into the environment in which they live, discovering their history, and empathizing; know how to interpret and be creative with visual language by offering them tools and resources; and using Photography as a stimulus to go out, look, discover and interact with the environment in a different way.


Funder: Pacto de Estado and Fundació Obra Social la Caixa.