Women’s Perspective

2019 - Present

Photography workshop with a group of women survivors of sexist violence, developed byCLICmewho throughout several sessions work with photography as a means of expression, as language, as a conveyor of ideas, words and sensations to transform their personal and group processes.

This project has strengthened women’s confidence and increased their self-esteem through creative practice with photographs, preserving and strengthening their personal identity through photographic discourse, giving voice to each of them through their work and promoting teamwork and building bonds and networking among women. However, the project also helps them to become independent observers of their reality, to contrast and convey it with knowledge and a critical sense, to discover and delve into the environment in which they live, discovering their history, to interpret and to be creative with visual language and to use photography as a stimulus to go out, look, discover and interact with the environment in a different way.

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