Tax benefits

Your donation to the Associació Hèlia is much more than money. With your contribution, you will be supporting the fight against sexist violence against women and the freedom and rights of women.

Do you know your tax benefits?

Since 2019, your donation to our association can yield you tax benefits under Law 26/2014, by which individuals or companies have the right to deduct their donations in their income tax or corporate tax return.


Tax certificate

In March of each year, we sent all donor members and companies that have given us their personal data a donor’s certificate with the total amount of donations made during the previous fiscal year so they can include them in their tax return.

First €150 per year = 75% TAX WRITE-OFF

Remaining amout >150€ = 30% TAX WRITE-OFF added on the amount that exceeds the first €150


As a COMPANY, you can deduct 35% of the donation you made to Hèlia. If your donations as a company have been constant in the last three fiscal years (to an amount greater than €150), you will be able to deduct from your corporate tax obligation 40% of the donation you made to the association.