Hèlia is a non-profit organization formed by volunteers and professionals who provide support to women affected by gender violence, to fully recover from any taken harm, constantly researching a way to fulfill affected women’s needs; networking and creating projects to intervene in gender violence.


We support women who have endured gender violence, until they feel empowered. We participate in international cooperation projects in order to share experiences with women struggling against patriarchy worldwide, to exchange experiences and strengthen feminism to a world scale.



We are a group of feminist women from different areas. Hèlia Association arises from participating in the United Platform against Gender Violence, which includes more than 110 associations and organizations from social Catalunya’s system, and its main objective is to raise awareness and prevent violence against women and the discovery of the need for an association which is dedicated to the comprehensive care for women who are directly affected by gender violence.

From Hèlia Association early stages, it has had the great support of many volunteers. Without them, the association would not be where it actually is today.

The study on the current situation and the Act’s implementation of women’s rights to eradicate sexist violence, claim the need of covering a space for the recovery of women who have experienced or are experiencing violence.

Our mission is to work with women survivors of gender violence to recuperate their self-esteem, full social participation and to empower them through the continuous research and awareness of their needs, creating projects including intervention services, and promoting volunteerism in addition to civic participation.

We do not believe in a universal feminism as well as we move away from the idea that there is just one proper way for fighting the patriarchy. We start from the view that respect and shared experiences is the base to keep us strong, sharing experiences as the way to develop a common project, building up on everyone’s strengths.