At the Associació Hèlia, we have created and consolidated a network of women volunteers willing to provide support to women who experience situations or processes of violence to eliminate this phenomenon from our society and declare our neighbourhoods, cities and territories free of sexist violence against women.

Every little bit helps!

You can be part of the groups of volunteers who support women in the process of recovering from sexist violence as part of the project Veïnes per Veïnes (“Women Neighbours for Women Neighbours”).

There are also other ways to participate voluntarily in the organisation by contributing each woman’s knowledge, such as technical profiles to energise (co)educational workshops, graphic design, administration and more. You could also really help us a lot by following us on social media and share information about our activities.

If you want to help build a more egalitarian society where women’s rights are enforced and we eradicate patriarchal violence, please contact us!